A wedding is not just an event that brings two people together, but also an occasion which brings close ones together, in a celebration of joy.


Neha’s wedding was one that certainly did that but was also one which became nice & bright with the help and support of you all.


We can never thank you enough for all your time and consideration,

As you all have taken this to a family level,

And we felt that you are certainly a part of our family … now.


No words can express how grateful we are for all your efforts.

We are certainly indebt to you.

For you, and your team, no request was too big or too small, and it is this,

That has made a difference from decorations music and every requirement,

You have been of Immense Support and have added your own

Personal touch to each & every function was in a class of it’s own,

A class which could have not been obtained without you and your team.


We would just like to say that some people come into our lives for a while, and leave their footprints & love in our hearts you and you team have certainly done that.


One again…..Thanking  you for every thing

Dhulia Family.

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Jayendrabhai Dhulia
Mr. Rohit Kanabar is a true proffessional, and a totally dedicated person to his work,also for his creativity I would just say hats off !! All d best Rohit ji 🙂
Megha Sampat
http://dennisssblegh.com|dennis hi love your site!
New York
Mr. Rohit Kanabar... he is the man 4 the hour. he is a magician and takes of all ur burdens . we had appointed him for my bros wedding and he took care of each n every aspect of the wedding ceremony.. flowers, decoration, cake, cameramens, musicians, dance troops, lighting, decorations, beauticians 4 ladies @ ur doorstep, car decorations and vry small aspects which we tend to forget and cannot manage is the timing of events ... he also arranged the grooms entry for sangeet and it ws vry special ... ... the bride n groom were surrounded by fire jugglers doing their tricks ... its really unimaginatory and unbelievable .. on top of this me as a grooms bro din need to do nething .. i telll u he ( rohitnhai) is the best bet 4 weddings ... n a vry special thing about him is he considers our wedding as his family matter and gets involved as a family member and not a professionalist.. thank you rohitbhai for making such good arrangements and letting us enjoy the wedding without any tensions ..
Darshit Pujara


Letter of Appreciation


          This is to convey our deep appreciation to Mr. ROHIT KANABAR in recognition of his dedicated effort and contributions during our son, PRINCE’s Wedding events from 6th to 9th December.

          Your immense effort and time that you provided to our Family in planning the events is really applaudable.  Each and every part of the functions had a personal touch and with that it had a class of its own.

          The decorations, lightings, flowers, music, food & every single thing was a class apart. It made each ... & every family member & guests mesmerized with wonderful events.

          Without your whole-hearted participation, efforts and assistance, I believe the event would not have been so successful and perfect.


Once again …………………thanking you for everything


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Prince S. Kakkad
a well orgenised great man with his simplicity make him tooooo gr8,.today is specialday for him and he is at ahemedabad at "GRAND BHAGAVATI"?? frns show must go on,he is busy,we r wishing best for life time good acivement.
Dr.Uttpal Jivrajani
This is to inform to whom so ever concern that we had Acquired event management services of wedding Ceremonies of our son Viral and daughter Ami on 15th, 16th And 17th February. All the marriage ceremonies were arranged and managed By Mr. Rohit Kanabar and his group. We greatly announce that service honored by him and his Team were excellent in all respect. In real terms we enjoyed without tension. Mr. Rohit Kanabar is greatly talented personality and I Wish him and his team all great success. With Best Regards. Mukesh Panchasara. Mahendra Panchasara.
Mukesh T.Panchasara

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